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MASA is divided into 10 regions, each with equal representation in our governance. Please see the Regions page for representative information, meeting minutes and more.

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Download a large format PDF map of School district, ISD and county boundaries.


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The mission of MASA is to develop leadership and unity within its membership to achieve the continuous improvement of public education in Michigan.

The Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) is the professional association serving superintendents and their first line of assistants, who serve as CEOs for their community’s public schools. MASA serves as an information-rich source of advice and support in areas critical to over 700 public school superintendents and first-line assistants in 584 school districts and 56 intermediate school districts.

MASA provides “just-in-time” technical, personal, and legal services in addition to a wide array of print and electronic publications, government relations, and professional development opportunities targeted especially for Michigan’s top-level school leaders. In total, MASA serves nearly 2000 members including professionals, retirees, and businesses, helping the leaders of Michigan’s most important public institutions get better results for more than 1.6 million students. We do so by using teamwork and by building bridges that result in collaborative relationships focused on student achievement.


MASA Goals