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Champion for Children

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Since 2002, MASA has annually presented the Champion for Children Award to an individual who has shown outstanding leadership and dedication to enriching the lives of children, and who has enhanced children’s opportunities for success and achievement in school. This individual can come from any number of roles in the community; members of the corporate and business community as well as service organizations are eligible for nomination and should be considered.

In addition, each MASA region is invited to annually name a Regional Champion for Children.

Nominations are open for 2015!

Nominate a Champion for Children in your region! Nominations are due March 17, 2015.

For Region Presidents:

Below are tools to help your Region select a recipient and communicate with MASA so we can support your presentation of the award in your region.

  1. Guidelines for regions
  2. Suggested timeline  
  3. Sample Recipient Award Letter
  4. Award Order Form and Media Release (Submit to MASA 3-5 weeks before your scheduled award presentation)

Please note that the regional awards are separate from MASA’s statewide Champion for Children Award, which is presented at one of MASA's two annual conferences. We will support your participation in the program by providing the award and promoting your recipient through a press release. Please place your award order well in advance of your scheduled presentation.

Past Winners

Past regional winners are listed below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Linda Wacyk at lwacyk@gomasa.org 517.327.9268 or 517.327.9268.

2014 state recipient: Mike Flanagan, State Superintendent
Region 1: Joe Lubig
Region 3: Phyllis Drozd
Region 4: Beverly Wenzel
Region 6: Matthew B. Stehouer
Region 7: Richard Gregory
Region 8: Bart Hawley
Region 9: Sue Zurvalec

2013 state recipient: Brandy Johnson, Executive Director of the Michigan College Access Network
Region 1: Pat Rozich
Region 3: Christie Ramsey and Elizabeth Welch-Lykins
Region 4: Ron Schauman
Region 5: Harold C. Ford
Region 7: Bryan Sosinski
Region 9: Kathleen Straus

2012 state recipient:  Jack Kresnak, President and CEO of Michigan's Children

2011 state recipient: The Kalamazoo Community for the Kalamazoo Promise
Region 2: Tom Dale
Region 3: Jack Schugars
Region 5: Charles Busuttil
Region 6: Albert Widner
Region 7: Ann Kneas
Region 8: Eugene Deuel
Region 9: Diane Powers, Sue Simcox and Joan Wadsworth

2010 state recipient: Robert Bobb
Region 2: Marty Moody
Region 3: Cheri Hondred
Region 4: Steve Gale
Region 5: Jim Owens
Region 8: James Hartley; Dr. Robert Rando
Region 9: Leslie Douglass 

2009 state recipient: Eleanor Josaitis, co-founder, Focus: HOPE
Region 1: Tim Zimmerman
Region 2: Richard deVore
Region 3: Cyndi Blair
Region 4: Margaret Ann (Ranny) Riecker
Region 5: John Antilla
Region 6: Narda K. Murphy
Region 7: Charles Moden
Region 9: Alice Ferguson

2008 state recipient: Donna Oser, Michigan Parent Teacher Student Association
Region 1: Tom Johnson
Region 2: Denis Fitzgerald and Frederic "Jack" Rowan 
Region 3: Jane Johnson
Region 4: Dennis Carmoney
Region 5: Julie Jowett-Lee
Region 6: Jackie Hurd, Bruce Burger, and John Hagel
Region 7: Claudia Britigan
Region 8: Delight Creech
Region 9: Steve Hyer

2007 state recipient: Deborah Strong, Michigan's Children's Trust Fund
Region 1: Cory M. Roell
Region 2: Paul Liabenow
Region 3: Allison Hammond
Region 5: Alberta Martin
Region 6: Donald J. Trap
Region 7: Mike Morris
Region 8: John A. Fallon, III

2006 state recipient: Carl Ill
Region 1: Matt Houle
Region 2: George Johnson and Amy Derrer
Region 3: Robert Brenner
Region 4: Brian Stadler 
Region 5: Thomas Kling
Region 8: Donald Harkness
Region 9: Mark Hackel 
Region 10: Helen Moore

2005 state recipient: Jeters Foundation
Region 1: Steve Freidhoff
Region 2: Bud Hanel
Region 3: George Heartwell
Region 5: Debbie Weiss
Region 6: Margie Betz
Region 7: David Farrell
Region 8: Robert DuBois
Region 9: L. Brooks Patterson

2004 state recipient: Dorothy Beardmore, State Board of Education member (awarded posthumously)

2003 state recipient: William Richardson, CEO, Kellogg Foundation

2002 state recipient: Heath Meriweather, Editor, Detroit Free Press