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Courageous Journey

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Cohorts are forming - Sign up now!

Tier 1, Cohort 8 - Aspiring Superintendents
Sessions begin in December. To apply, fill out the Tier 1 application. Note, you will need to include a letter of support from your superintendent. There is also a list of important dates you will need to mark on your calendar.

Tier 2, Cohort 10 - Administrator Endorsement
Superintendents seeking state endorsement will want to join Tier 2. The next cohort begins at the MASA Midwinter conference. To apply, fill out the Tier 2 application. There is also a list of important dates you will need to mark on your calendar.

Cohort 10 Edmodo Instructions:

Student Setup:

If you have never created an Edmodo Account, you can create a new Student Account by following the steps below:

  • Obtain a 6-digit Group Code from your teacher.
    CJ Cohort Tier 2 - Cohort 10
    Group Code: yjtpqc
  • Go to www.edmodo.com and click "Students."
  • Fill out the registration form with the Group Code, a unique username, and password. Email is optional for students but is high recommended that it be added to receive email alerts for dates and notices. 
  • Select the “Sign up” button to complete the sign up process. The teacher will get notice of your request to join the group and approve. You will then see the Group your teacher created in the left side panel of your account. CJ Cohort Tier 2 - Cohort 10

For addition instructions or support please visit this link: https://support.edmodo.com/home#forums/21661514-sign-up  or contact admin@gomasa.org

Courageous Journey Guild

CJ members who have completed their journeys are invited to take part in the newly formed Courageous Journey Guild. The MASA Conferences include special clinic sessions for Guild members, who are invited to provide input on clinic topics to consider. Email Chris Stephens to propose a topic. 

Program Overview

The Courageous Journey™ is the only state approved superintendent endorsement program in Michigan.

Developed by MASA, the program offers school leaders an intensive experience with the application of transformational leadership processes in school settings where they serve. Focusing on Seven Points of Learning critical to effective performance as a superintendent, the Courageous Journey™ is designed to extend beyond basic administrator certification and provide school leaders an opportunity to distinguish themselves as exemplars of professional practice in the role of superintendent.

The purpose of the program is to provide aspiring, new, and experienced superintendents with information, tools, strategies, and other resources to:

  1. Improve student outcomes; 
  2. Work effectively with staff, school boards, and communities on these missions; 
  3. Shape leading edge change; and 
  4. Build highly adaptive learning organizations.

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