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Executive Coaching and Mentoring


Each MASA region, working with ISD/ESD superintendents, facilitates relationships with volunteer "on-call colleagues." Volunteers can be active superintendents in the region, recently retired superintendents, or individuals from your own network of support. MASA's Induction Toolkit  includes helpful resources and links to on-call colleagues and the newer superintendents with whom they work.

Executive Coaching Program

The MASA Executive Coaching program provides targeted support to superintendents throughout their career. MASA coaches are experienced superintendents who received training in the best practices of coaching for executive level leaders. Borrowing coaching principals from the programs available to top leaders in the private sector, MASA Executive Coaching is for any administrator who wants to take their leadership to "the next level."

As one Member said: "My MASA coach is personal, professional, confidential, non-political, and paid to answer my call!"

Executive Coaching for Newer SuperintendentsExecutive Coaches facilitate an effective and successful transition into the roles and responsibilities of the superintendency for first- through third-year superintendents. Thanks to a generous sponsor, all new superintendents receive a visit from one of MASA's Executive Coaches during their first three months on the job. In addition, MASA's Success Start membership comes with 20 hours of Executive Coaching, as well as other professioinal development opportunities.

Executive Coaching Services--executive coaches offer opportunities for exploring and developing deep understandings, functional improvements, and/or production dispositions. MASA trained executive coaches are available to any superintendent at any point in his or her career.

Executive Coaching "Lite"--for superintendents or first-line administrators who have short-term need or who want to see if a coaching relationship works for them.

For more information on all MASA Executive Coaching services, please contact Chris Stephens.