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Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit

A grassroots movement is one driven by the politics of communities.  As the term implies, the movement and the group supporting are built from the ground up from a coalition of local leaders, involved citizens, voters, and other interested parties.  Grassroots movements take many shapes and, while some are more effective than others, there is no “right” way to organize and drive such a group.  It its core, a grassroots movement, like an army, relies on the power of numbers and unrelenting passion of its members to make a difference in their communities.

Table of Contents

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Who We Are
  3. What We Do
  4. How We Do It
  5. MASA Political Action Flowchart

Legislative Action Center

  1. How It Works
  2. Did You Know?
  3. LAC At a Glance

Advocacy 101

  1. Advocacy 101

Chapter 1:  Grassroots Advocacy

  1. Introduction to Grassroots Advocacy
  2. How to Build Your Grassroots Coalition
  3. Communicating With Your Coalition
  4. Engaging Your Grassroots Coalition
  5. Engaging the Community
  6. Common Communication Tools
  7. SOS Candidate Forum Toolkit

Chapter 2:  Legislative Advocacy

  1. Introduction to Legislative Advocacy
  2. Ten Golden Rules of Lobbying
  3. Building Relationships with Legislators
  4. MASA Grassroots Calendar
  5. Legislative Protocol
     i.      Letter Writing
     ii.      Phone Calls
  6. Testifying Before A Committee
    i.      Ahead of Time
     ii.      When You Get There
    iii.      Afterward

Chapter 3:  Media Relations

  1. Introduction to Media Relations
  2. Press Protocol: Working with the Media
  3. Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor
  4. Interview Guide

Appendix A:  Campaign Finance

  1. Introduction to Campaign Finance
  2. Campaign Finance Do’s and Don’ts
  3. PTOs and Politics

Appendix B:  Platform & Priorities

  1. MASA Platform
  2. MASA Priorities & Goals
  3. MAISA Priorities & Goals
  4. MASA/MAISA ESEA Reauthorization Position

Appendix C:  Other Resources

  1. Useful Links