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Hall of Fame

 The Hall of Fame Award acknowledges a retired MASA superintendent or firstline administrator for career-long service and continued passion for education and community throughout retirement. The dedication of these individuals to  schools and communities serves as a model for all administrators, and Michigan feels the impact of their leadership far longer than the span of their careers.

To nominate a retired superintendent or firstline assistant, download and complete the nomination form below.

MASA is very grateful to these members who have taken MASA’s slogan “Your Success, Our Passion” and applied it to their career and to their lives. These individuals have influenced the lives of many children, colleagues, and friends, and their work and accomplishments will not be forgotten.

Beginning in 2013, MASA began awarding a statewide Michigan Hall of Fame Award to one individual who has made significant impact on youth and education.

Michigan Hall of Fame

2015 Dr. Tony McLain - Read more

2014 Dr. Jeremy M. Hughes - Read more

2013 Dr. Leonard R. Rezmierski - Read more

Before 2013, regional Hall of Fame recipients were recognized by each of MASA's nine regions.

2012 Winners

Tom C. Smith, Region 1
Douglas O. Fillmore, Region 4
William H. Mayes, Region 5
Robert M. Olsen, Region 7
Dennis McComb, Region 8
Joan C. Sergent, Region 9

2011 Winners

Graydon Blank, Region 1
Mason R. Buckingham, Region 2
Marcia Bishop, Region 3
Al Broughton, Region 5
Dr. Wayne Petroelje, Region 6
Cindy Ruble, Region 7
Dr. Jeremy Hughes, Region 9

2010 Winners

Paul Ollila, Region 1
Thomas Pridgeon, Region 3
James W. Slick, Region 4
Dennis R. Hagey, Region 4
John Moore, Region 5
Robert Regan, Region 6
James A. Weeldreyer, Region 7
Oscar A. Brown, Region 9

2009 Winners

Dr. Kenneth Drenth, Region 1
Jerry Inman, Region 2
Patricia Oldt, Region 3
Doug Dodge, Region 4
Don Gleeson, Region 5
Jacklyn C. Hurd, Region 6
W. Craig Misner, Region 7
Paul Palka, Region 8
Dr. Gary Faber, Region 9 


Edward H. Kukuk, Region 1
Ronald G. Berg, Region 2
Dr. Mike Washburn, Region 3
Thomas Gilstad, Region 4
William H. Tunnicliff, Region 5
Daniel G. Pappas, Region 6
Daniel C. Pratley, Ph.D., Region 7
William Putney, Region 9


Gordon G. Barkell, Region 1
Thomas Ross. Region 2
Bert Bleke, Region 3
Robert Rhode, Region 4
Robert Burek, Region 5
Halsted Beatty, Region 6
Patricia Reeves, Region 7
Joseph Koziol, Region 8
Dr. Kenneth S. Burnley, Region 9


Mr. Webster D. Morrison, Region 1
Mr. John Walkley, Region 2
Dr. George Woons, Region 3
Dr. Phil Hartman, Region 4
Mr. Burdette W. Andrews, Region 8
Dr. Thomas D. McLennan, Region 9
C. Robert Maxfield, Region 9