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MASA Governance


MASA is divided into 10 regions, each with equal representation in our governance. Please see the Regions page for representative information, meeting minutes and more.

Region MapRegion Map

ISD/School District/County Map

Download a large format PDF map of School district, ISD and county boundaries.


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The governing structure of MASA begins with its ten regions throughout Michigan. The input of members into this organizational structure helps form the goals of MASA. MASA staff works every day to help accomplish these goals.

Representation for all public K-12 and intermediate school districts is accomplished through these regions. Members in each region meet regularly to enhance communication and professional growth. Your local representation is further developed by electing members from each region to sit on the statewide MASA Council. The Council meets monthly and sets the general policies and goals of the Association.

The Executive Board is composed of seven members elected on a statewide basis. The Executive Board oversees the daily operations of MASA.

MASA maintains four standing committees focused on specific goals integral to our mission of providing unity and leadership for the continuous improvement of public education in Michigan. Committees advise the Board and Council on major educational issues.

2014-15 Executive Board

  • President - John Searles, Midland County ESA
  • President Elect - Tina Kerr, Coldwater Community Schools
  • Past President - Dave Campbell, Kalamazoo RESA
  • Director - Nathan Bootz, Ithaca Public Schools
  • Director - Sue C. Carnell, Westwood Community Schools
  • Director - Michele Lemire, Escanaba Area Public Schools
  • Director - David Tebo, Hamilton Community Schools
  • Executive Director - William Mayes, MASA

MASA Council

Downloads: 2014-15 Council Roster2014-2015 Council Calendar

Links: Lead Forward Project 

Systemic School Reform Committee Recommendations (4/14)
Educator Evaluation Dialogue notes (3/14)
Online Learning Dialogue notes
August 9, 2013 Presentation

Communications Strategies (Feb 2012A)
Why Public Education?--tell your district's story (Nov 2012)


2014 Minutes: AugustSeptember; October; November;

2013 Minutes: May; October; November

2011 Minutes: October; November; December

MASA Committees

Membership Services Committee

Professional Leadership Committee

Conference Planning Committee

Legislative Committee

MASA Regions

There are ten regions of the state, each with representation on the MASA Council. Visit the MASA Regions page for maps, meeting minutes and more information.


MASA Goals


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethical Relationships


This booklet was developed in cooperation with Michigan Association of Community Adult Education, Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators, Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration, Michigan Association of School Administrators, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, Michigan School Business Officials, Michigan Association of School Boards, and Michigan Congress of Parents, Teachers and Students. To purchase this pamphlet, please visit the MASB Bookstore online.

Code of Ethics


AASA's Statement of Ethics for Educational Leaders