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MASA Staff Directory

MASA Office Information

1001 Centennial Way, Suite 300
Lansing, MI 48917

Phone: (517) 327-5910
Fax: (517) 327-0779 


MASA Leadership

Chris WigentChris Wigent
Executive Director

(517) 327-9262

Before joining MASA as Executive Director on March 9, 2015, Chris spent eight years as Superintendent of the Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency (WRESA). Prior to WRESA, Chris served as Superintendent at Calhoun ISD, Olivet Community Schools, and Dryden Community Schools. Chris actively serves on several education and community boards, and is also an instructor for the Michigan Association of School Boards, specializing in Board-Superintendent relationships. Chris is dedicated to supporting education leader and assisting them in the vital role of serving Michigan’s 1.5 million public school students.


Dan PappasDan Pappas 
Associate Executive Director

(517) 327-9267

As an Associate Executive Director, Dan oversees MASA conferences and professional development. In addition, Dan serves as the Executive Director of the Michigan Institute for Educational Management (MIEM).

William MillerWilliam C. Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director, MASA
Executive Director MAISA

(517) 327-5910

William is an associate director of MASA and the Executive Director of MAISA. Prior to this, he served as a distinguished administrator at Washtenaw ISD. 

Brad BiladeauBrad Biladeau
Associate Executive for Government Relations

(517) 327-9265

Brad is the legislative liaison for the Association. He follows legislation related to education issues, both policy and fiscal, and conveys the position of MASA on specific bills to the legislature. Brad also serves as a resource for superintendents to ascertain how a particular piece of legislation is expected to be implemented, or how it will impact the district.

Patricia ReevesDr. Patricia Reeves
Contracted Associate Executive for Administrative Certification & Endorsement

(269) 720-3285

Pat is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Western Michigan University and contracts with MASA to develop Administrator Certification and Endorsement programs and services through MASA’s Courageous Journey project. Pat is assisted in this work by Chris Stephens who provides the MASA on-site coordination of Courageous Journey. Working with a team of faculty and advisors, Pat supports the MASA Professional Leadership Committee, and monitors processes that impact administrator preparation and development policy at the state and federal levels.

Chris Stephens
Assistant Director, Courageous Journey

(517) 327-5910

Chris works with administrative certification and endorsement through MASA's Courageous Journey program. He works closely with all members of tier 1 and tier 2 of the Courageous Journey. He is engaged in the member support, training, recruitment, and record keeping for these programs. 


Mandy DiroffMandy Diroff
Director of Operations

(517) 327-9264

As Director of Operations, Mandy's MASA responsibilities include office management and human resource issues. She also serves as the liaison to the Executive Board and Council. Mandy is the Director of Operations for MAISA, coordinating meetings and the Summer Conference.

Linda WacykLinda Wacyk
Director of Communications

(517) 327-9268

As Director of Communications, Linda provides leadership for MASA in developing and implementing communication and media systems to support MASA members. She serves as editor of the MASA Leader and other communications, assists with speaking events and coordinates media relations. Linda Works with the Membership Services Committee to research and review MASA's member services. She also serves as liaison to the Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA).

MASA Staff

Danielle DankenbringDanielle Bach
MIEM Registrar/Adm. Assistant

(517) 327-2589

As part of the MASA team, Danielle is the registrar for MIEM, and administrative secretary for Dan Pappas, MIEM Executive Director. She takes registrations for MIEM sponsored workshops and conferences that arrive by fax, mail and on-line. Call Danielle for registration information about MIEM conferences and workshops.


Rachel Dickman
Administrative Assistant & Policy Analyst

(517) 327-9225

Rachel works part time assisting Brad Biladeau and MASA's Governmental Affairs efforts. She coordinates information and materials for MASA's and MAISA's Legislative Committees, and other initiatives involving MASA's role in political advocacy and policy.


Diane Dick

Diane Dick, CMP, CMS
Conference and Event Planner

(517) 327-9261

Diane serves roles with both MASA and MIEM. Diane is the Event Coordinator and contact person for MASA's Fall and Mid-Winter Conference. Diane’s duties with MIEM also include event planning and on-site support.


Emily Laidlaw
Legislative Liaison

(517) 327-5910

Emily is the Legislative Liaison for MAISA and works as an advocate for its members. She communicates legislative priorities to lawmakers, ensures that members are kept informed, and tracks education related issues as they move. Before coming to MAISA she was a member of the legislature's policy staff.


Kristin MargelotKristin Margelot
Executive Assistant

(517) 327-9262

Kristin plays an integral role in all the daily operations of MASA and MAISA staff and programs and is the primary point of contact for the Executive Directors of both associations. Kristin records minutes at all MASA and MAISA Board and membership meetings, and produces MAISA's InSiDe Update newsletter. She is also the Project Assistant for the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG).


Phil Marrah
Technology and Design Coordinator

(517) 327-9259

Phil is responsible for managing the technology initiatives, including web sites, for MASA, MAISA, and Michigan ASCD. He handles the layout and production of newsletters as well as the design for other printed and digital material. He is the technical administrator for digital communications, including all listservs and social networking tools.


Meagan MosherMeagan Mosher
Program Assistant

(517) 327-5910

Meagan assists with all MASA staff and programs, and also supports the courageous Journey. She sits at the front desk, ready with a smile and friendly greeting for everyone who enters the MASA offices. 



Sue WhiteSue White
Data, Sponsor and Accounts Coordinator

(517) 327-5932

Sue is responsible for billing and invoicing for MASA, MAISA, and MSPRA memberships. She is integral in maintaining current member data in our system and can be contacted regarding updates to contact, billing, or other information. Sue handles the conference registrations for MASA and MSPRA. She also processes all incoming checks for MASA and MSPRA.


John ZoellnerJohn Zoellner
Business Director

(517) 327-5910

John provides part-time support as Business Director for the Association. His duties include the overseeing of MASA's finances, accounting for revenues and expenses, as well as supervising payroll and accounts payable.