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MASA Tenure Reform Guidance

On July 19th 2011, Governor Snyder signed into law the most sweeping changes to tenure and collective bargaining laws in Michigan’s history.  These changes will have a profound impact on how schools are managed.  The new laws makes major changes to the Teacher Tenure Act, Revised School Code, and Public Employee Relations Act by:

  • Revising teacher tenure rights

  • Establishing new requirements for teacher evaluations and observations, and

  • Imposing new limits on collective bargaining.

Our voice counted!

Much of what was included in the enacted legislation was based on the tenure reform proposal developed by the MASA/MAISA subcommittee and approved by the MASA council.  We have prepared a legislative analysis that highlights the major changes in these new public acts. You can access the analysis by clicking here.

Support local lawmakers

Lawmakers who supported this legislation are continuing to receiving a tremendous amount of hostility for their vote. Groups that opposed this legislation have begun recall efforts across the state. At this point, we must do all we can to support individuals who voted in favor of tenure reform. If your lawmaker supported this legislation please take a moment to write a thank-you letter or letter to the editor of your local newspaper. If you do not know how your lawmaker voted, click here for a vote count.

MASA continues to address questions

While we know what the law says, there are still many issues that will require additional interpretation and implementation.  MASA and MASB have brought together a group of top experts to help you understand the implications and prepare for the coming school year. The MASA/MASB labor relations conference on August 10th will explain and discuss these changes in further detail. Register today!.

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