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NCES releases "Issues and Recommendations for Best Practice" report on testing integrity

Issues and Recommendations for Best Practice, a report on practices that support the integrity of test results, is now available. The report is part of a broader effort by the Department of Education to identify and disseminate practices and policies to assist efforts to improve the validity and reliability of assessment results. The report draws upon the opinions of experts and practitioners who responded to the Department’s Request for Information (RFI), the comments and discussions from NCES’ Testing Integrity Symposium, and, where available, policy manuals or professional standards published by State Education Agencies (SEAs) and professional associations.

The report focuses on four areas related to testing integrity: (1) the prevention of irregularities in academic testing; (2) the detection and analysis of testing irregularities; (3) the response to an investigation of alleged and/or actual misconduct; and (4) testing integrity practices for technology-based assessments.

The report is available

The National Center for Education Statistics is part of the Institute of Education Sciences, within the U.S. Department of Education.