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Media inquiries and interview requests should be directed to:
Linda Wacyk
Director of Communications
(517) 327-9268 or (517) 281-5626

MASA Guidelines for Press Passes at events

Recent Press Releases & Op-Eds


MW 2015 Conference--(WORD DOCUMENT)
MW 2015: Speaker--(WORD DOCUMENT)
Hall of Fame Award--(WORD DOCUMENT) (Hall of Fame Award Recipient Dr. McLain Photo)
Winners' Circle Awards (All Winners)--(WORD DOCUMENT)
Distinguished Administrator Award--(WORD DOCUMENT)

2015 Michigan Superintendent of the Year - (WORD) (Photo)

2015 Regional Superintendent of the Year
Region 1-Dan Reattoir - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)
Region 2-Region 2 chose not to participate in 2015
Region 3-Teresa Weatherall Neal - (WORD DOCUMENT) (No Photo Available)
Region 4-Tom House - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)
Region 5-Dr. Steven Tunnicliff - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)
Region 6-Michael Duda - (WORD DOCUMENT) (No Photo Available)
Region 7-Jeffery Rehlander - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)
Region 8-Scott Menzel - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)
Region 9-Randy Liepa - (WORD DOCUMENT) (Photo)

Road Tax-MASA Reporter Roundtable, Dec 9, 2014 - MEDIA ALERT
    House Fiscal Agency Report
    Commentary from MASA, MASB

MASA-MAISA Encourage Accountability, Call for Civil Discourse (WORD) 8.15.14
MASA installs John M. Searles as Executive Board president WORD PHOTO  8.6.14
MASA's Courageous Journey to welcome Chris Stephens as Assistant Director WORD 7.1.14

MASA Fall CONFERENCE 2014 Press Kit-September 24-26, 2014

Fall 2014 Conference--Press Release WORD
Fall 2014: Speaker Bios WORD
Fall 2014 Conference Agenda  WORD
Champion For Children Award Press Release WORD


MW 2014 Conference--Press Release WORD
MW 2014: Speaker Bios WORD
Hall of Fame Award- Dr. Jeremy M. Hughes  WORD; Photo 1; Photo 2; Photo 3
Winners' Circle Awards-ALL WORD; Photos available upon request
Distinguished Administrator Award - WORD
Superintendent of the Year Awards (See November 2013) Event photo

Nov 12, 2013: 2014 Michigan Superintendent of the Year-PDF; Microsoft Word; Photo;
Congratulations to Brian J. Whiston, Dearborn Public Schools

2014 Regional Superintendents of the Year
Region 1-Dennis Harbour WORD
Region 2-Lee Sandy  WORD
Region 3-Kevin A. Konarska  WORD
Region 4-Mary Pitchford  WORD
Region 5-Kevin Miller  WORD
Region 6-Dr. Brian Metcalf  WORD
Region 7-Dr. Randall Davis  WORD
Region 8-Jim Hartley  WORD
Region 9-Brian J. Whiston  WORD

Conference At-a-Glance WORD
Speaker Bios WORD
Fall Conference Press Release WORD

MASA installs new President for 2013-14 (WORD) (Photo)
School Superintendents and District Instructional Administrators Applaud Michigan Council for Educator Evaluation Recommendations WORD
Joint Statement on Budget 2013 WORD
     Related memo to Rep. Lyons WORD
Media Statement on 'Secret' education work group WORD

2013 Regional Champion for Children
Region 1- Dreves/Rozich PDF
Region 3-Welch/Ramsey PDF
Region 4-Schauman PDF
Region 5-Ford PDF
Region 7-Sosinski WORD
Region 9-Kathleen Straus WORD

2/6/13  School Leaders Cautiously Optimistic About Governor's Proposed Budget - Word


Midwinter Conference press release - Word
MASA Conference Speaker Bios - Word
Hall of Fame Award- Dr. Leonard Rezmierski- Word
Winners' Circle Awards-ALL- Word
Champion for Children-Brandy Johnson- Word
Distinguished Administrator Award - Word

1/3/13 Michigan Superintendent of the Year among four finalists for national award -- Media Alert; AASA Press Release

12/5/12 OP-ED: Pushing Right-to-Work is Wrong Move for Michigan, Wrong Move for Schools--Word

11/29/12 OP-ED: Moving Public Education Forward…Responsibly and Thoughtfully--PDF;

11/17/12 PRESS RELEASE: MASA-MASB warn against pusing 'Right-to-Work' measures--PDF; Microsoft Word

Awards-Nov/Dec 2012
2013 Michigan Superintendent of the Year-PDF; Microsoft Word; Photo Gallery
Congratulations to Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, Southfield Public Schools

2013 Region Superintendents of the Year
Region 1 PDF
Region 2 PDF
Region 3 PDF
Region 4 PDF
Region 5 PDF
Region 6 PDF
Region 7 PDF
Region 8 PDF
Region 9 PDF

Photos and Graphics

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